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Play with positives words!

- How many positives words do we use?
- How many colors can you name?
- Do you know that more than 1000 given names are used?

This game is part of a the “Play With... Words !” series.
Play with shuffled letters on your tablet/smartphone, construct words, letter by letter and see one of its French translations.

Play against time and improve your score in "Challenge" mode
Or take your time in "Discovery" mode.

This opus contains the following themes:
- Positive words,
- Colors
- Given names (girls)
- Given names (boys)
- Depending on success, we plan to bring you more themes in this opus.

We love to receive your feed-backs, suggestions, and questions. The address to use is: contact@play-with.fr

In short, Play With... Words, this is:
* Plenty of words in each theme
* 2 game modes: « Challenge » and « Discovery »
* A game speed increasing on 10 levels
* Sounds guiding each game
* Voices encouraging progresses
* Bonuses on letters, combos, speed, etc...
* Free help - to collect in game - to place your letters
* High score to compare your performances.

This application is developed by a French start-up dedicated to innovate for you.

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